Course 課程

Age 年齡

Board Game 樂在棋中

3 - 6 yrs

Course Details :


"Emotional Intelligence influent all aspects of life such as learning, social and interpersonal development. It can also affect the success or failure in life too! If we give children proper emotional training, they can be benefited from growing and help to strengthen the base of happy life.


How to learn to be a high-EQ person?Be able to understand their own emotions and the way to express and properly manage their emotions; when facing failure, setbacks, they can be self-encouraged and cheer themselves up; when interacting with people,they can be considerate to feel other people's emotions and needs, etc. It can help build good interpersonal skills.Being positive in emotion and positive in attitude will make you light up positive energy and more self-esteem and self-confidence.


When the electronic digital products in general seems to have occupied people's daily lives, even babies sitting in the stroller all know how to play smart phone and smart pad, potentially reducing the chance for them to interact and communicate and also weaken the child to use his brain to think and react. This workshop is determined to reverse this society’s "sickness", hopes that students can enjoy the board games while strengthening their thinking,communication and EQ so that strengthen their thinking, communication skills and enhance their EQ, and can learn to be considerate and emotional stable and healthy through increasing winning and losing experience.


-enhance individual self-esteem and self-confidence

-enhance the ability to communicate and get along with people

-learn and master to be a high EQ child

-train thinking strategies and enhance focusing


Training can teach them how to face adversity and adversity processing capabilities, resulting in excellent psychological quality.







課程簡介 :






當電子數碼產品彷彿已佔據於普遍人的日常生活中,連坐在嬰兒車上的小孩都懂得玩smart phone和smart pad時,無形中減少兒童互動溝通的機會,亦削弱兒童運用腦袋思索及反應的技能。此工作坊銳意扭轉這種社會「病態」,希望透過桌上遊戲,讓新一代樂在「棋」中的同時,加強他們的思考、溝通能力和提昇個人EQ,並能增加遊戲帶來的輸贏經驗,從而學懂同感心及情緒管理


  • 增強個人自尊和自信

  • 提昇與人溝通及相處的能力

  • 學習和掌握做一個高EQ的孩子    

  • 訓練思考策略和提昇專注力

  • 培養能面對逆境及逆境處理能力,產生優良的心理質素

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.