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The Chess Academy was found with the goal of teaching international chess to children and, more building children’s character through chess.

 Chess requires a good understanding of the game, competing, learning from mistake and challenging oneself. Through this process, children will undoubtedly acquire invaluable skill sets such as developing stronger spatial reasoning, attention span, sportsmanship and confidence. Led by our experienced Head Coach, the program will certainly be fun, worthwhile and help build character in children.




Top level FIDE Ranked instructors available to develop your children’s skills. Besides instructional classes, The chess Academy will also provide various opportunities for children to compete – from less formal weekly mini tournaments during the lesson to large scale scholastic championships.


Chess Academy offers multiple tournaments throughout the course of the year.


  • The most important way to develop a student’s chess ability
  • Compete for trophies, establish a chess rating and test chess skills
  • Fun, social activity where students often make new friends







比賽的重要 :

  • 一個重要的方法去建立學生的棋藝能力

  • 通過比賽來了解自己對棋藝技巧的掌握程度及對自已的棋藝技巧作測試

  • 可視比賽為有趣的社交活動可讓學生經常認識新朋友



  • 制定戰略規劃和良好的決策能力

  • 培育體育精神和耐性

  • 增強自我肯定和自信心


Course Details :


  • Develop strategic planning and good decision making

  • Nurture sportsmanship and patience

  • Foster self-sufficiency and confidence



  • 制定戰略規劃和良好的決策

  • 培育體育精神和耐心

  • 自給自足和信心

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