Kaboodle offers the Science & Cook program in 4 levels to accurately place each student.  Please note that the goal of this program is for our students to associate pleasure with improving their verbal/reading/written English, through the medium of cooking and Science.  To strike a balance between safety and a challenging environment, the Cooking and Science tools, methods and student involvement in preparation will vary in level of difficulty depending on the program.   

Kids Kitchen的烹飪課設有四個不同級別。我們的目標是通過烹飪和科學這個媒介讓學生愉快地學習,從—而提高他們英文的對話溝通、閱讀及寫作技巧。為了在安全性和挑戰性的環境之間取得平衡,烹飪和科學工具,方法,學生的參與程序將因難易程度而有所不同。通過多元化的活動,提高學生英語技能。

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Class 課程

Age 年齡

ABC Cooking ABC烹飪


3.0 - 4.0 yrs

Think & Cook Level 1 科學 & 烹飪 程度一


4.0 - 5.0 yrs

Think & Cook Level 2 科學 & 烹飪 程度二


5.0 - 7.0 yrs

Think & Cook Level 3 科學 & 烹飪 程度三


8.0 - 10 yrs