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Course 課程

Age 年齡

5.0 - 7.0 yrs

Think & Cook Level 2 科學 & 烹飪 程度二


Course Details :

Think and Cook 2 class is a continuation of Think and Cook 1 with higher level ideas, more steps, more participation and more communication!  This class takes on a more “DIY” feel as the students take on more responsibility in preparation and application of the curriculum. 


課程簡介 :

Think and Cook 2 是Think and Cook 1 的進階版。Think and Cook 2 教授更深層次的概念,加入更多的步驟,並要求更多的參與和溝通! 因為學生有較多的機會去親身準備和參與每一個步驟,所以它會像是一個 “DIY”的班!


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