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Kids Can is a children’s language learning center which brings fun, experience and dynamic curriculum to a full suite of courses in English and Mandarin for 1 year olds up to early teenagers, including thematic and phonetic playgroups, phonics, reading, speech and drama, creative writing, fluency and more. Kids Can teachers are native, experienced, passionate and fun while they are teaching.


Kids Can believes:

Children learn in a more meaningful way when they are interested, having fun and engaged in what they are doing.


Kids Can 是一所兒童語言學習中心,它把歡樂,體驗及富生氣的學習氣氛融入到一整系列專為一歲以上至初中學生而設的英語和普通話課程,當中包括主題性的學前幼兒遊戲組,拼音及閱讀課程,話劇及朗誦課程,創意寫作和英文綜合班課程等等。

Kids Can 的外籍導師們有豐富的教學經驗和熱誠,他們對孩子都很有愛心,也非常了解孩子們在不同年齡階段的需要。


Kids Can 的理念

令孩子們學習變得更有意義是 :令他們有興趣,有樂趣地參與課堂的不同活動

Course 課程

Age 年齡

English Toddler and Advancer 

1.0 - 3.5 yrs

English Phonics Reading Class

3.0 - 7.0 yrs

English Prestation & Comprehension 

2.5 - 8.0 yrs

5.0 - 12 yrs

English Creative writing

All in one English
全方位英語課程 (聽、寫、讀)

5.0 - 12 yrs

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