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Course 課程

Age 年齡

English Toddler and Advancer 

英語學前親子班 & 幼兒學前進階班

1.0 - 3.5 yrs

Course Details :


The goal of the Toddler class and Advancer class at Kids Can is to have the most fun while presenting concepts and providing stimulating activities and opportunities that cater to a young child’s growing knowledge and skills. The children will have the greatest amount of fun while being presented concepts and stimulating activities and opportunities that cater to their growing knowledge and skill. This program helps children to be able to communicate in an “English only” & “Mandarin only” enviroment. A certificate will be issued upon reaching certain milestone.

課程簡介 :


Kids Can幼兒及進階課程透過多元化的遊戲活動,照顧孩子各方面的發展。結合生活概念,給孩子不同的體驗機會,讓孩子們可以在輕快樂地實踐到不同的生活和遊戲技能,並能更好地跟其孩子們相處。當中包括主題教學、故事、美勞、感官、線條練習、配對、分類及遊戲,通過一系列的活動,孩子的認知能力也會大大提升。我們的宗旨是讓孩子們對學習產生濃厚興趣,讓他們更主動學習,有能力在一個純英語的環境中進行學習和溝通。小朋友完成八個月英語/普通話親子課程,可獲證書


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