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Course 課程

Age 年齡

English Fluency Class


5.0 - 12 yrs

Course Details :


The fluency class is a well-rounded approach to increasing the overall fluency of our students by practicing and strengthening each element of fluency (reading, writing and speaking).  The teacher constantly monitors and adjusts the curriculum for each class based on the level of the three components listed above. For example, if the reading and speaking levels of the students in class are improving, but the writing level needs to catch up, the weight of the curriculum will be focused on writing.  An example of a series of classes would be: Learn how to use to a thesaurus, break into groups and find specific words and their synonyms, practice speaking in complete sentences using the new vocabulary learned from the thesaurus followed by writing complete sentences using the new vocabulary and correct grammar.


課程簡介 :



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