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Course 課程

Age 年齡



1.0 - 2.0 yrs

Course Details :

It is a very beginning level of WiseConcepts. In this unit, they will use DUPLO and LEGO soft to learn basic skills through popular theme such as family life and animals. Activities and skills include:


  • learn language via storytelling and verbal expression

  • Control self-behavior such as command and listening

  • develop social skills

  • a head start of number, letter recognition, shapes, dimension and colors

  • learn things surrounding their age like playground, social role and animals,etc.


課程簡介 :

這是WiseConcepts的初階班。在這個階段,小朋友會透過利用DUPLO和 LEGO soft 去學習熱門題目如家庭生活和動物。他們會學到的東西為:


  • 語言學習如聆聽故事和口頭表達

  • 學習守紀律如聆聽指令

  • 建立社交技巧

  • 學習簡單的數字,英文字母,形狀,空間和顏色

  • 學習與日常生活中有關的事物如遊樂場、社會角色和動物等


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