Course 課程

Age 年齡



3.0 - 5.5 yrs

Course Details :

  • Use animation and pictures to introduce the world history to enrich their knowledge

  • Use Duplo and Lego bricks to create different sceneries of the world which can inspire their creativity.imagination,logical thinking and 3 dimension skills

  • Children need to finish a task by cooperation that can help them to establish their social skills.For instance, communication and listening skills

  • Learn how to express their own idea and present their work

  • Help establish social skills such as how to communicate and cooperate with others

  • After complete the task, there is show and tell time which can boost up their confidence and verbal skills

課程簡介 :

  • 老師以動畫和圖片介紹主題,兒童能探索世界各地的異同如世界歷史文化,從而豐富其知識

  • 利用Duplo和Lego bricks去創造出各地的景色,能啟發兒童的創造力,想像空間,發展邏輯性思維及立體空間感

  • 由於製成品體積較大,兒童需合作完成,藉此建立良好的社交技巧如溝通和聆聽

  • 完成創作後, 課堂更設有Show and Tell 的時間, 鞏固課堂知識,加強兒童的表達技巧,亦能增強其自信心


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.