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Course 課程

Age 年齡



8.0 - 10 yrs

Course Details :

Wise WeDo is a child's gateway to reach the computer programming. It is the recommended first step for your child to start their adventure in the world of LEGO Robotics. Students are required to build LEGO models with the use of familiar LEGO elements such as gears and levers with new elements including a motor, a motion sensors and a tilt sensor. All these are integrated to program required motions with the WeDo Robotics Software in the format of GUI interface. Activities include:


  • Developing a simple program to control the sensors and motors

  • understand how the machine works such as the application of sensor

  • further study about the structure and equipment of the machine

  • Learning about gears, the use of pulleys, axles' power and the speed factor

課程簡介 :

樂高 WeDo課程是一個進階課程,幫助孩子銜接高級的樂高教學課程。這個課程的目標是給予學童有機會去接觸電腦、數學、科學、工程學及樂高機械人的世界。


以上的課程內容是結合 WeDo Robotics Software的機械裝置讓孩子學習如何運用齒輪、槓桿、馬達、移動和傾斜感應器等工具建造簡單樂高模型。



  • 設計一個簡單的電腦程式來控制感應器和馬達

  • 學童能研究自己創造的樂高模型是如何運作,如感應器的應用是否適當

  • 進一步了解樂高模型的裝置和結構

  • 認識齒輪、滑輪、軸的運用及原理,和學習它們的力量和速度。

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