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Course 課程

Age 年齡



10 yrs+

Course Details :

In this unit, teenagers learn to build robots with LEGO TECHNIC sets and simple computer programs LEGO Mindstorms. Activities include:


  • Design and build robots to complete a variety of missions through experiment

  • Learn simple computer programming concepts

  • Learn to use controlling motors and sensors

  • Create simple computer programs to control robots behavior such as engineering program

課程簡介 :

這個課程與樂高教學WeDo銜接,學童將會認識如何用樂高機械人配件LEGO TECHNIC和電腦程式LEGO Mindstorms 來建造樂高機械人。


  • 透過實驗去設計和建造機械人來完成老師給予的任務

  • 認識進階的電腦程式概念

  • 學習如何去控制及應用馬達和不同的感應器如聲頻感應和動作感應等

  • 創造電腦程式去控制機械人如工程學程式

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