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Kindermusik with Min offers English music and movement classes for babies, toddlers, big kids, and families. Our classes certainly help your child develop a lifelong love for music, language,social, emotional, and physical skills as well—all in the context of joyful, musically rich play!Come experience for yourself why more than 2 million families in over70 countries love our music and movement classes for kids.


About Educator

Min Jhun is Korean‐Canadian. She has been a licensed Kindermusik educator for 4 years, and got Montessori diploma in 2010. She has worked for many of Kindermusik classes in Hong Kong and also experienced in many of English playgroup classes. Min has developed her own Music program for young children(called My Musical Kidz!) and held the classes which were supported by Zurich insurance Company Ltd. as raising educational fund. Min is currently a program director of Kindermusik with MIN. Teaching has given Min a passion for music and her love of working with children(including her own two children!).

Kindermusik with Min 是以英語教授音樂及遊戲活動課程,對象為不同年齡的小孩子及家庭。我們的課程可以幫助你的孩子建立對音樂和語言的熱情,及社交、情緒控制和體能的發展 — 全部都是在充滿快樂、音樂和遊戲的環境中學習。這是一個超過70 個國家,2 百萬個家庭推崇的小孩音樂遊戲課堂,你也快些來體驗一下!



導師 Min Jhun 是位加拿大籍韓國人,4 年前已成為Kindermusik 的註冊導師及於2010年獲取蒙特梭利的教育文憑。Min 在香港的Kindermusik 及其他英語遊戲小組課程任教多年,她更創立了獨特的My Musical Kidz!一個為小孩子而設的音樂學習課程,課堂並曾得到蘇黎世人壽保險有限公司贊助。Min 現在為Kindermusik with Min 的課程總監,以音樂教育小孩子能令Min 充份發揮對音樂的熱情及對小孩子的愛心(包括對她自己的兩位孩子)。

Baby Music Classes:

For New borns, Infants & Babies :

Young children newborn to age 2 are primarily in a receptive mode of learning. With you there to nurture and engage your child, a Kindermusikbabies music class gives your little one the perfect head start, musically and developmentally.


Music Classes for Toddlers:

Ages 2s - 3s :

Up until about age 3, toddlers are mostly learning by observing and imitating others. That’s why the magical combination of parent and child with other adults in a Kindermusik class becomes one of the best kinds of opportunities forusing music to fuel a child’s learning and development.


Music Classes for Preschool Kids:

Ages 3s - 5s

Preschoolers are actively expanding their base of knowledge through trial and error, talking, moving, and yes, even being a little silly at times! There’s no limit as to how far a little imagination, a lot of music, the joy of being with friends, and some Sharing Time with family can take these eager learners who are also on their way to becoming promising musicians in their own right.


初生至兩歲的孩子是主要透過接收性的模式學習. 在KINDERMUSIK老師及家長帶領下孩子必能通過此班加強他們智力及音樂上的發展.



3歲的幼兒大多是通過觀察及模仿去學習, 他們可憑着於音樂班中和其他小孩及家長的互動去建立和發展音樂感



3-5歲的兒童通過說話, 動作及不斷的屢敗屢試去擴大自己的知識基礎. 音樂班皆在發展兒童無限的想像力, 透過音樂的薰陶, 和友伴相處的歡樂及跟家庭成員的分享讓這些充滿熱誠的小小學習者一步一步地成就著出色音樂家的夢想

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