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Kaboodle Trial Gala 4th Oct,2015 


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Kaboodle would like to invite you to join our Kaboodle Trial Gala on Oct 4th Sunday (2:00pm - 5:00pm). The Trial day allows you to experience all that Kaboodle has to offer.  With HK$300, you can choose three courses from our "Best in Class" collection of programs that you would like your child to try on that day, and enjoying our playground/facilities.  This will also be a good time to see what is available for the new term.


You may choose from supplemental learning courses such as Math, Languge(English/Mandarin), or try interest programs such as Art, Gymnastic, Music, Cooking ,Science, Fencing, Dance, Lego or Chess.


To maintain the highest teaching quality, Trial Gala courses are  limited to 7 children per class. There will be a full refund of the $300 Trial Gala fee to families who enroll in any courses on the day.





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