Course 課程

Age 年齡

3.0 - 5.0 yrs

ABC Cooking ABC烹飪


Course details:

In the ABC Cooking class, students will associate pleasure with learning the alphabet, individual letter sounds and daily use of vocabulary in the kitchen. From sensory experience to use of tools to understanding cause and effect to developing social skills, the kitchen is a great place to learn!  In each class, the teacher cooks a dish with the students and emphasizes a letter.  For example, the class may prepare Puff Pancakes if the letter of the day is “P”.

課程簡介 :

在這班,學生將會學到字母系統,單音和有關於烹飪的詞彙。通過感官經驗及使用不同的煮食工具去明白因果關係和學習社交技巧。廚房是一個很好的學習地方!在每一班, 老師會與學生一起做一道菜來強調當天所學習的字母。例如,當天的主題是 “P”,老師會與學生一起弄一個 “千層薄餅”(Puff Pancakes)。

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