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Course 課程​

Age 年齡

English Phonics


2.5 - 8.0 yrs

Course Details :


English Pre- reader

Our teacher introduces individual phonetic sounds, letter recognition, and letter writing through a variety of creative activities, songs, stories and crafts. The course focus is to help children learn on conceptual level that each letter has a sound, and to remember those sounds via activities that inspire and engage the children in the activities presented. A certificate will be issued upon reaching certain milestones.


English Reading level 1-3

Our Kids Can Reading classes contain elements of Phonics, Comprehension, Grammar and Writing for children from 3-8years old. This class conforms to all Kids Can classes relative to having fun while learning. Students are placed or promoted to each level carefully based on characteristics such as age, ability, understanding of concepts and fluency. Classes are kept small so that each child has the best chance of progressing from their individual levels. A certificate will be issued upon reaching certain milestones.


English Drama Phonics

English Drama Phonics class will teach phonics through role play. Under a fun and relaxing environment, teacher hopes to boost their confidence and enhance their spoken skills while teaching phonics concept and English vocabulary. We will have a theme every week to keep them interested and get involved in the class.


課程簡介 :





英語拼音課程 程度 1-3 




英語戲劇音班是一個把拼音融入劇和角色扮演來教授音基礎的英語班。老師希望小孩能在一個輕鬆又有趣的環境下訓練說話技巧,增加自信心同時學習音基礎概念和英文詞彙。每堂均會以不同的發音為主題,以“P”為例,小朋友會先閱讀三隻小豬(Pig)的故事,然後以角色扮演的方法演繹台詞並在台詞中運用以“P”字作開首的生字。最後會把學到的知識透過勞作及小遊戲紀錄下來。為初學音和英語的小朋友帶來愉快的學習環境,從而增加對英文音的樂趣, 打下一個良好的基礎!

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