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Course 課程

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English Written & Verbal Communication


Creative Writing & Communication class


5.0 - 12 yrs

Course Details :


English- Written & Verbal Communication Class

Written  & Verbal Communication class at Kids Can focuses on encouraging students to write in English confidently and correctly through a variety of activities.  From basic parts of speech, sentence structure and spelling in level 1, to more complex higher level sentence structures and writing styles in level 2 and 3. 


This class uses work sheets, short stories, books and other content as sample of grammar in daily use, as well as understanding and practicing punctuation and the various parts of speech (Verb tense, conjunctions, prepositions, adjectives and so on) to improve each student’s verbal and written skills.  Don’t be surprised to see your child making a super bubble solution in class as an activity, followed by writing the sequence of steps to make the solution, or taking a survey so they can write down the results or developing a character for a story they are writing.  We believe that students can have an infinitely better chance at improving their written English!

A certificate will be issued upon reaching certain milestone. 


Creative Writing and Communication Class


This course offers Kids Can’s most advanced writers and speakers a longer session (1 and 1/2 hours) for ample time to discuss and write about a wide variety of topics in a variety of styles.  The class takes on a project approach at times, as a subject matter and accompanying writing activity may stretch over several lessons until completion.  Apart from increasing each students writing and communication skills, the course aims at helping our students associate pleasure with practicing spoken and written English by choosing interesting topics and allowing student participation on choosing topics and genres as well. An example of a class assignment would have the students discussing a current event, pretending to be a reporter and writing an article for the SCMP about the event.   



課程簡介 :



Kids Can英文寫作課程是能讓小朋友學習正確的英文寫作技巧和培養英文寫作的自信心。初級班會學習演說、句子結構和拼寫,由淺入深。課堂上會以不同的活動作為寫作主題,學習寫作的步驟,描述活動的過程及結果,並學習創作編寫故事。本課程將透過各式各樣的活動教授日常生活可應用到的文法。








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